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Meet Darla Ambrose and Jev Watkins…
They are young adults who live day to day and are carefree and relaxed. Darla is self employed, she is a liscensed cosmetician, who does photography and tattoos on the side. As for Jev, he currently works as a grocery store clerk and on the side he’s in a band. They live in a small home, Darla’s dad lives with them as he is an elder.

Stay tuned, they are expecting their first baby and are thrilled about it!

More gifts…

coming soon, but I am currently working on a request. I have a couple of things in mind, one of them is a Sweet 16 birthday party set for teens! Also, new family coming soon. The Hinson’s file got corrupted, and I hadn’t saved them on my library :( But I love my new family, hope you all do as well!

How did you get your baby nallah Hinson to look like a real newborn baby what custom content did you use

I photoshopped her :)


Toddler and Large Pools Conversion

Includes (Located in Plants)

  • Toddler Pool
  • Large Pool

You will need OMSP for toddlers to not look like they are drowning in the large pool

The water moves in the pools to make it more realistic.. I guess?  Just makes me happy it moves 

Larger pools picture up top is used from tsrw workshop. My graphics don’t look well to use it as preview pic sorry but it looks like that in game too. 

The Pools have two different water types.

Mesh by Rebecah texture by her re-did by me to give it a solid look. Didn’t look right with the Ts2 texture. 

Ts2 to Ts3 Conversion by Myself

And help from noiranddarksims and aroundthesims Thank you guys sooo much!.

In game Pics



Has Colors with it but will make it re-colorable later.

You may re-texture it but to upload or anything please ask. I worked hard on these.

Do not Re up load to Pay sites Nor Direct Links 

If I missed anything and you would like to tell me something Ask me or Fan Mail Me. Thank you 





my lovely bathroom thanks thesimfanaticlove


my nursery thanks to thesimfanaticlove  for everything :)




250 Followers Gift!!!

Thank you all for the pouring love! Here are some adorable baby shower retextures, I hope you all enjoy them and pls tag me in your pictures if you use them in game! I love seeing the pics! Love you all…

Monster Collection

Monster Baby Shower

Owl Collection

Owl Baby Shower

The balloons, and the hanging sign are a retexture from yourdorkbrains,

Cake is from sim_man123

Cinnamon Sticks are from Simcredible Designs

Apples are from Vita Sims

They are the original creators, I specify in my gifts that I only RETEXTURE. I have not and I will not EVER try to take credit for the meshes from my gifts. I don’t mesh, I only retexture. Thank you to all of you who still kindly love and reblog my gifts :) More coming soon… Keep checking :)

You know I love you right? lol, I needed these & you posted at the right time.

Awwww lol thank you so much love!!! I love you too! Tag me on pictures ;)

Hey hun, do you think you could send me the baby shower items separate? I want to use the balloon mesh and make my own balloons if thats okay with you! <3

I can send them to you, or you can download the set in individual files from yourdorkbrains :) She’s the original creator :)

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